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Some Strange Places That One Cannot Afford to Visit Alone
There are some haunted places that really exist on earth and it only takes who are bold enough to visit the places. The following are the examples of the scariest places we are talking about.

There is a forest in Japan called the Aokigahara forest that has lovely woods for people to hike but the saddest thing about it is that one can easily come across a corpse or a number of them during the event since it is a site where a number of suicides occur each year. One place known as one of the most haunted places in the country is a place where several patients were hosted and they lead to experience of strange deaths. It is very scary to visit a place like the myrtles plantation where there has been reported instances of ghosts seen, murders experienced or just the fact that it is built where people used to be buried.

It only takes those with stony hearts to visit places which are reported to being haunted by a number of ghosts. There is a pool in Australia where people drown out of reasons which cannot be clearly explained and this is because there is a belief behind it that the pool was cursed by a certain woman after her lover was taken away from her. In India, there is a Fort of Ghosts where people dont come out of it once they enter because of the curses made on it by a wizard and a holy man in ancient times.

The Lawang Sewu in Indonesia in made of a certain architecture in a way that it has a thousand doors and this building was converted to a prison where one female prisoner happened to commit suicide in there and her ghost keeps haunting the place. There is a ghost that wonders in Penung place in Malaysia after its body was murdered by the Japanese in the same place. In Italy, there is an island where people with any symptoms were sent to die there and when one gets to visit there, they find out that a large part of the soil is human ash and also some bell sounds are heard from there. The Hanging Coffins of the Philippines so one of the strange places one can visit since it a site where cliffs contains cliffs of the dead hang on their sides as a sign of people showing respect to the commands that were given by their ancestors.