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A List Of Dangerous Jobs In The United States

Every job has its own ups and downs. Some jobs are boring and safe whereas others are thrilling and quite dangerous. There are quite a number of jobs that have reported accidental deaths. A lot of these professions are very fun and exciting but they beg the question of whether they are worth it in any way as there is always risk of injury or death. Before you take on any career path, ensure that you look into all the aspects of the career and weigh the benefits against the dangers. In this article, we will be looking at some of the riskiest professions in the United States currently.

The first profession we will be looking at is that of fishers. If fishing is the career path you choose, you will have to be out on the water during all weather conditions or risk not having food on your table at the end of the day. Fishing during extreme weather conditions is very risky as there are a lot of reported cases of people drowning because of being at sea at the wrong time. The equipment used by fishers also poses a great risk for them as it is very heavy. Fishing can be thrilling but you ned to weigh your options very carefully before you decide that it is the right career path for you.

Another profession with great risk is that of oil rig drillers. This profession is very dangerous as the materials they are dealing with are highly combustible. Oil rig drillers also handle very heavy equipment which can be life threatening if not handled in the right way. Many oil rigs are usually offshore, which means that medical help is hard to reach in case of accidents, thereby adding on to the risk of this particular job.

Thirdly, roofers also face a lot of danger while on the job. Roofers are usually elevated from the ground, thereby bringing in the risk of falling from the top or having a roof collapse as they work.

Logging workers are also faced with a high risk of injury or death as they work. Recent studies show that this sector has lost the highest number of workers on the job. Logging is dangerous because of the equipment used and the fact that loggers have to climb the trees they cut often. Quite a number of loggers have lost their lives due to lack of immediate medical attention because they are mainly based in remote areas with limited medical access.

Another dangerous profession in the United States is piloting. There are a lot of mental health concerns when it comes to pilots because of the high stress levels in this career. Before you take on any of these jobs, ensure that you are well trained.