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Better Health as a Tool of Empowering Women

Women had been neglected in very many parts of the world over a very long period of time in the past. As a result, most people have embarked on finding solutions to this problem. One of the ways that employment can come to human is by providing better health care for them. It is of importance to provide better healthcare for women because they go through medical conditions that are unique to just them, no one else in society would relate to. Some of these conditions include PMS, painful monthly periods, monthly periods that are heavy and menopause. This are not medical conditions that just anyone would relate to. In light of all these, one of the ways that we can bring empowerment to women is to ensure that we come up with medical solutions addressing their unique medical conditions. Previously, women are not thought of to be equal to the many society and if you do not provide these medical solutions to them, we will be going back to those backdated times. There are medical practitioners will have invested time and resources to investigating medical conditions that are unique to just women but have not yet been addressed adequately. In this article, we shall discuss some of those medical conditions that are unique to women and also seek to highlight some of the medical relief solutions that can be explored. The hope is to point to healthcare as a possible tool to be used for women empowerment.

Polycystic ovary syndrome is the first medical condition that we shall seek to discuss. The medical practitioners that have studied this condition have distributors or clinical syndrome. It is characterized by irregular menses, obesity that is mild and acne. Additionally, this disease can cause the levels of estrogen in women to spike leading to endometrial hyperplasia which has been cited as one of the biggest courses of endometrial cancer. Fortunately, researchers have come up with medical solutions to this problem. Herbal medicine that is helpful in correcting the menstrual cycles is an example of medical relief that has been developed.

Menorrhagia is another medical condition that is unique to women. This condition is characterized by abnormally heavy menstrual periods that are also prolonged and occur in regular intervals. If you happen to notice that symptoms in a lady close to you or if you are a lady and have noticed the symptoms and yourself, then this might be the condition that is being a headache. Medical practitioners such as Ayurvedic have fortunately come up with medical conditions for this disease such as herbal powders and medicated ghee.

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