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Tips and Guidelines for Buying Marijuana in California
California is among the most people states in the United States especially in the history marijuana legalization as it was the first one to legalize its use way back in 1996 after which it took some years to also legalize the use of weed for recreational use after the medical one previously. Legalizing of weed for pleasure in California was only done after the people living in the state voted in agreement of the proposition that agreed with such uses of cannabis after the medical one done in 1996. There are however so many significant things that people must understand before purchasing marijuana in California to ensure that they remain within the law even though it is legal to do so as seen below.

Just like anyone would expect, there is a legal age when it comes to the purchase and use of weed in California and it is 21 years of age. Anyone under the age of 21 is thus not allowed to buy marijuana in California in addition to smoking, vaping and eating anything containing marijuana. The state, in fact, has formulated some strict policies to help it to crack down and arrest anyone that buys and gives marijuana to minors bearing in mind that it is illegal for anyone above the legal age to make such action if on private property.

The quantity in one’s possession is another aspect of consideration for anyone buying marijuana in California as an individual is only allowed to possess a certain amount of it at a time. Even though the use of weed is legal in the golden state, it is still not possible for people to have as much marijuana as they want in their possession as there are limits set to guard people against overstocking the same. Anyone that chooses to buy marijuana in California must understand that it is only legal to have 28.5grams of the product at a time which equals to about one ounce. There are also some people that prefer concentrated cannabis and they have a limit of 8g according to the law.

It is also vital to understand that they cannot just use cannabis anywhere in California but wait until they are away from the public. It should always stay in one’s mind that they will be breaking the also if they eat any marijuana product or use it in the bar, restaurant or anywhere that is not private property as well. It is also not right to use marijuana on al the private properties in California and one is also not allowed to leave the state with it or also drive after usage in addition to being cautious about where they buy the product.