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Things You Need To Know About Painted Quarters

Each day we see coins that are specialized everywhere. We might see some on the televisions, magazines and even the internet. Some can even be seen on the mail outs. Painted quarters are simply coins which have been painted. They could be painted mostly in red while others have an enamel finish or holographic effect. Different nations normally have their own way of painting coins depending on how their currency work. Collectors especially in most American states are now turning into panted quarters since they are valuable. Some can even trade with the coins making a lot of profit. It has however, brought complications within the commercial coin dealers giving them hard time on deciding whether to buy the coins or not. Experienced coin collectors would sometimes avoid these coins since they are altered in some way and may lose its value after a short while. The best thing one can do with the painted quarters is giving them as a gift to their loved ones. They are designed in a manner that they are beautiful in appearance since they may have enamels of different designs.

There are a couple of reasons as to why you find that some quarters are painted red. The majority of the painted quarters are red in color because they are probably old test cons. In the past, coins were used to pay the coin operated pay phone and vending machines which they are now losing value and re no longer used much like in the past. The other thing is that these coins were only used as house money. Red quarters are sometimes used by business owners of like the pool tables where you have to put a coin so that you can get the pool balls and play the game. The other reason why quarters could be given red color is that they were used for free laundry. It could be beneficial to have the coins and offer free laundry services to the tenants. Some researchers have also studied the red quarters and realized that they were manufactured as a sign of defiance. Some people from the New Jersey were campaigning for the decision to increase the toll on the Garden State Park away from fifteen cents to a quarter.

On the other hand, you find that coin collectors are still buying the painted quarters at cheaper prices. There are so many coin dealers in the market who can still sell or buy the painted quarters. If you want to buy painted quarters, there are some tips that can help you find the best quality quarters. There are some painted quarters made of gold, while others silver and many other types of metals. The type of metal used to make the coin will always determine the value of that particular coin. You might decide to go online to buy a painted quarter. There are some online coin dealers who offer the coins at different prices. You just have to visit their website to view the images of the available coins and read through the description of the coin. If it meets your personal needs, then you just order and pay for it. The good thing about online purchasing of the painted quarters is that online dealers attach the prices to the image of the coin so that you choose according to the amount of money you have.

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