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Ways to Convert Files to PDF

There are several changes that have taken places but despite all that, I don’t see PDF going anywhere. The reason why PDF is widely used is that your document will not change its format despite the device that will be used to open the document. In case you have the document in doc or other formats as you wish to keep it safe in PDF format it might not be easy for you if you have never done it before. In this page you will discover the tricks of converting your file to PDF format.

Consider using print to windows when your documents are in windows OS. For print to PDF for windows method here are the steps to consider.

The file to be converted is the first thing to do. If you want to convert one file you should double click to open it but in case you want many photos converted you should hold the control button and select the desired photos. From there you should right click on the photo or one of the photos before you scroll down to print option.

The second thing you need to do is to open the print option which can be achieved by pressing CTRL and P at the same time. You don’t have to mind about the printer because you are not intending to print the document anyway.

Selecting the name of the printer is the other step to follow. The printer name option is just next to the top of the menu. Now that you are not going to print the document but to convert its format to PDF this step isn’t that necessary.

Pick the Microsoft print to PDF. On the dropdown menu that where you will find this option for Microsoft print. When you have XPS document you need to find the select printer first and then pick the option for print to Microsoft option.

The print button is the next step to consider. In case you are using office application such as Microsoft word you will find the option at the top menu although it’s normally found at the bottom of your screen. Once you click in it the explorer window should appear.

The six-step is to name the document. This option gives you the opportunity to type a name you wish for your document although you can still choose to have the original name of the document and save in the same location because it will be possible .

The location to save your document is the other factor to consider. This option is available on the left side and you should choose the right place where you want the file to be. One you do that you should press save and you will have your PDF file ready.