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Are you Sabotaging your Own Ranking?
It is quite evident that google is getting smarter every day. Due to the technological developments the standards for the search engine is using AI and some machine learning so that it improves the search results for users. It means that you need to invest on boosting your SEO for your website. If not, your digital marketing will be not reach more users through search results. For you to consider your rankings it is important to consider knowing the difference to prevent sabotaging. Below are some of the clues that you need to understand so that you are able to boost your SEO as google gets smarter.
By using white hat SEO its content is driven. This therefore refers to strategies that aim at building quality website content over the long term that focuses on websites users’. They therefore adhere to all search engine rules and regulations which provides relevant content on the site for the users.This means that for white hat SEO to be successful, there is need to consider having great content for your reader. The White hat SEO is required to create quality and relevant information to readers which can be obtained by interacting with them.
Another important aspect to understand is the black hat involves sleight of hand.This means that they use hidden keywords and present only one type of content to user while the other will be in HTML. However, due to the advancement of Google the overstaffing of keywords mostly hut your ranking. Getting black hat approach, can be involved when you use unrelated keywords on your content. This means that there will be risk when users get to this website as they will leave a soon as they realize. Alternatively, Google will penalize the rankings of this website.
For ranking of your website you opt to understand the difference and weight the merits it has. Therefore, sometimes you may be tempted to use the black hat techniques when consider whether to use white hat vs. white hat. This therefore means that white hat got a lot of merits compared to use of black hat. It is then important to note that when making money, from a blog it involves more than just ranking. Therefore, you can make the most of your content by monetizing your blogs. Therefore, you should note that the best SEO techniques have variety of ways to make money. This means that using black hat vs. white hat it affects the ranking of your website.

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